AnsweringCare: We Answer Because We Care

An innovative line of attack in dealing with medical answering service, Answering Care. A phone answering service company that offers doctors even other health care workerswith an utmost professional cybernetic receptionist focused to taking care of patients various inquiries, demands, transactionsas well as other chief concernsas regardsto their state of health.

They play a dynamic part in the altercation of significant medical information from patient to doctor per se. The link between the patient and the doctor is not only precarious to the condition and state of well-being of the client, but also to the reputation and character of the physician as well. It can really make a difference between life and death whenever the lines of communication is messed up or improved. The importance of medical answering service is a technique wherein a doctor or a nurse is able to utilize a way where they can get in touch with their patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is like they were never away! It gives the opportunity to be of convenience as well as an ease of access for different patients in need. It gives health care providers the freedom to converse with the patient in real time. Medical emergencies and non-medical emergencies are controlled in a professional way that they can even handle incoming calls in relation to a health crisis. It gives patients a maximum guarantee of medical health workers’ concern for their state of health whenever their call has been answered even when you are in vacation, at a meeting, during an operation or whenever you are too busy to answer. It increases the productivity and the exposure of the medical practitioner in the maintenance of an ideal open communication and at the same time a developing bond and establishing good rapport between patients and medical health care workers. Every single call will be highlighted and will be treated with unparalleled care and responsiveness that a client deserves and making sure that not even a single thing is missing.

In Answering Care, the medical answering service you will get will give you the edge of having to use acutting-edge in computer and telephone communication tools as well as trained agents that are able to operate and accomplish assignments at hand.The message would be relayed and presented thru the use of sms, e-mail and call transfer. A local or a number will be provided to be at reach. The company’s personalized medical answering services have courteous, patient, and professional agents or operators that are enthusiastic to be responsible for answers and give readiness every single day, making your clinic always available.Answering Care agents have a sympathetic ear and a reassuring voice maintained by professionalism. There is also an existing option ofsetting up of appointment scheduling and confirmation of visits, follow-up calls, physician information and a lot more. There is nothing ever valuable than maintaining and strengthening a healthy life for your patients. By utilizing modern resources, in this case, medical answering services allow you to be available for them whatever, whenever and whatever.

The company was established 2012 to allow doctors to have virtual receptionist to cater to their patients inquiries whenever they are not available. A three fold instrument panel interfaces are available which are admin, clients and doctors dashboard to trace and review all your interactions.

Marketing Answering Care

The company Answering Care is a fresh approach in the line of medical answering service. It lets medical health care professionals to stay in touch with their patients through a virtual receptionist in dealing and entertaining their inquiries, concerns, questions as well as medical and non-medical emergencies. This serves as a real time connection between patients and doctors.

What is it all about?

The connection between the physician and the client is the main concern. This current trend emphasizes the significance of medical answering service by delivering an easy way on how and when to communicate with patients whenever the physician or other health professional is on a vacation, in a middle of a meeting or attending to other patients halfway around the globe. Answering Care allows physicians to enhance their productivity, efficiency and coverage for the preservation of the good rapport established between the patient and health care practitioner.It is a precise importance that this can make a difference especially during health crisis that will be handled by agents who are professionally trained to control these various kinds of situations. With the use of current computer and telephone communication tools, the trained agents deliver the messages thru the use of e-mails, sms, and call transfer with a local or a number provided at reach. Aside from these things, there are also opportunities to set up an appointment with your doctor, or even make follow-up calls, ask for the physician information as well as confirmation of visits. Courteous and patient trained agents to make sure that every transaction made is handled with unequalled treatment will answer all calls.  The medical answering service, Answering Care was instituted using a threefold instrument section interfaces which are admin, clients and doctors dashboard to locate and review each interaction. They can be contacted by dialing 888.848.6384 or e-mailed through